Payment Information Inquiry

For information on payments issued on or after April 1, 2011, complete both fields below and indicate whether you are using a check or trace number.

The first screen provides information on the transaction. Other transactions can be viewed by selecting “History of Payments.”

PLEASE NOTE: If a payment is not found, the error most likely occurred with the FEIN or SSN Number. The number must be the FEIN or SSN used by the agency to generate the payment. OSC suggests contacting the agency that made the payment to resolve the problem.
  Check number
Trace number (ACH Direct Deposit Number)
  FEIN or SSN (9 positions), or
Municipal Code (12 positions), or
Cash Advance Reimbursement,
TAP - Agencies (SUNY), or
Debt Service (14 positions).
Do not enter any spaces or dashes.

[Information on the Electronic Payments Program]