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NYS Comptroller


Search Comptroller's Bid Protest Decisions

The New York State Comptroller independently reviews bid protests for contracts subject to the Comptroller's review and approval. This review ensures fairness among competing vendors and that agencies and vendors follow New York State's bidding and contracting rules. Interested parties may:

  • file a bid protest with the Comptroller's Office when a procuring agency either doesn't have a written bid protest procedure or hasn't published its procedure in the solicitation
  • appeal an agency's bid protest decision to the Comptroller's Office when an agency has published its bid protest procedure in the solicitation

File a bid protest or an appeal by following our Contract Award Protest Procedure.

You can also view a searchable database of bid protest decisions issued by the Comptroller since January 1995.

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Data on Bid Protest Decisions is current as of 07/12/2024.