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NYS Comptroller


The Academy for New York State's Local Officials

Capital Planning and Budgeting: A Tutorial for Local Government Officials
Assess Your Knowledge of Capital Planning and Budgeting

A. Department heads
B. The governing board
C. The public
D. All of the above

A. The economy
B. Regional concerns
C. Technology
D. All of the above

A. True
B. False

A. True
B. False

A. Should be done within 30 days of the start of the fiscal year
B. Requires software obtained at no cost from the State Comptroller's Office
C. Must use the criteria set forth in the Local Finance Law
D. Should make a realistic appraisal of the demand for current and future capital assets

A. A statement of each project's purpose
B. The method by which assets will be financed
C. A brief statement of what other projects or items were considered but left out of the plan
D. The estimated cost of the project or acquisition

A. Period of probable usefulness
B. Capital plan
C. Debt affordability
D. Constitutional debt limit

A. The project engineer
B. The chief executive officer
C. The governing board
D. Nobody. If the project has been properly constructed or the acquisition properly obtained, further monitoring is unnecessary.

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